Composition for an Elemental Clarinet -   Bil Smith Composer

Composition for an Elemental Clarinet lasting precisely 4 minutes and 12.8 seconds. Elemental Clarinet may be accompanied by a Coloratura Soprano who will interpret the score in it's contextual format (determinate intoning). The Coloratura Soprano ( Male or Female, but preferably Male) must adhere to the visual structure of the score and accept the lead of the Elemental Clarinetist.

An additional C Trumpet may be allowed, but only for a period on 12.9 seconds and may be introduced at any juncture, but never to exceed 12.9" in total performance time. It may perform less than the prescribed 12.9" or be present for the performance and not perform at all. The C Trumpet may not perform beyond the performance of the Elemental Clarinetist.